Automated Setup Guide: Installing Minecraft Bedrock Server on Ubuntu/Debian

Feeling worn out from setting up your Minecraft Bedrock Edition server on Ubuntu or Debian Linux? I get it. That’s why I’ve crafted a nifty script to make your life easier. Let’s break it down and see how this little tool can make setting up your server a walk in the park.

  1. User, Port and Installation Directory Setup:
    • The script sets up variables for the server-name, port, the user under which the Minecraft server will run and the directory where the server will be installed.
  2. Sudo Privilege Check:
    • It ensures that the script is being run with sudo privileges to perform necessary system-level operations.
  3. Operating System Check:
    • Verifies if the script is running on a supported Ubuntu or Debian Linux system to ensure compatibility.
  4. Existing Installation Check:
    • Checks for any existing Minecraft server installation to prevent accidental overwrites.
  5. Dependency Installation:
    • Updates package lists and installs required dependencies such as wget, unzip, and supervisor.
  6. Minecraft Server Download and Setup:
    • Retrieves the latest Minecraft Bedrock Edition server from the official website, downloads it, extracts it to the installation directory, and sets up necessary permissions.
  7. Supervisor Configuration:
    • Configures Supervisor to monitor and control the Minecraft server process, ensuring it runs as a background service.
  8. Firewall Configuration:
    • Checks if iptables is installed and ensures that UDP ports set as variable is open to allow Minecraft server traffic.
  9. Final Checks and Confirmation:
    • Verifies if the Minecraft server is successfully running and listening on UDP port set as a variable, providing feedback to the user about the installation status.
  10. Customization Required:
    • Note: While this script automates the basic setup of your Minecraft server, additional configuration may be required to customize server settings according to your personal preferences. You’ll need to manually adjust settings in the file and other configuration files to tailor the server to your liking.

With this script, you can quickly and effortlessly set up your Minecraft server, laying the foundation for your gaming adventures. Simply run the script, follow the prompts, and you’ll be ready to dive into the world of Minecraft in no time! The best part? If you ever want to set up a second server, just tweak the port and path in the script, run the script again, and voilà!

Clone it from GitHub, or simply copy and paste from below.

Get started today and embark on your epic Minecraft journey with ease!